The HL.COM mission

Created in 1989 and based in Paris, HLCOM has always focused on accelerating the success of its clients by giving their brand its true value. This goes with the design and execution of tailor made strategies aiming to develop their awareness and image, concurrently and on an ongoing basis.

With a central objective : optimizing the return on investment of its clients by delivering the right message to the right contacts at the right time, to ensure a maximum impact


Experience: The agency has a large experience of all the main sectors of the IT industry – hardware, software, networks, telecoms, internet, allowing it to anticipate the challenges of its clients and best respond to their media coverage needs.

Know how: HLCOM has a deep knowledge of all the segments of the French press and of all the variety of communication techniques best adapted to the IT industry, both on the BtoB and consumer markets. This is complemented by a well established expertise in the creation of original and relevant contents, the lifeblood of press and digital communication today.

Assets: A dynamic team, passionate about its work, always available to respond to the needs of the press and of its clients, focused on a single objective: forge opinions and build reputation for IT brands in the media.

In line with the transformations of the French press, the agency allows its clients to leverage all the potential of the new media: social networks, online press, blogs…

Eurocom Worldwide

HLCOM is an active member of Eurocom Worldwide, one of the largest networks of IT specialized independent PR agencies in the world, with 26 partner agencies operating in 34 countries on 5 continents. It can thus support its clients in the deployment of international strategies.

Each country has its own unique features and its own culture, and must be the object of a specific communication strategy, which has to be handled locally. By working jointly with PR consultants “on the ground” in 34 countries in the world, the agency ensures that is clients benefit from an equal quality of service on all the markets where they are present.

EyeOnline Agency

HL.COM has also a partnership with EyeOnline Agency, and can rely on their experts of the web strategies, tools and best practices for all its web marketing and digital communication projects.