What we do

Media relations

In our media relations strategies, on a retainer or a project basis, we offer our clients the following services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Writing and distribution of press kits
  • Writing, localization and distribution of press releases (corporate, product, customer wins)
  • Generation and placement of original content (editorials, media alerts, expert statements, byline articles)
  • Writing and placement of customer cases (success stories)
  • Management of the journalists’ demands
  • Permanent follow up of the press
  • Feature searching and follow up of editorial calendars
  • Organization of interviews, road shows
  • Organization of product testing and demonstration programs
  • Organization of all kinds of press events (conferences, meetings, one to ones)
  • Event and trade show support
  • Management of the press coverage (press book)
  • Competitive audit and analysis
  • Weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting and measurement

Content generation

With a constantly evolving French press, regular original content generation has become critical to the success of press relations strategies.

This content generation can take the form of editorials, media alerts, byline articles or expert statements.

Leveraging our long experience and deep knowledge of the technologies and markets where our clients are active, we have a renowned reputation in the generation of original content in all the sectors of the high tech industry, professional and consumer.

Social media management

Convince, explain, influence, engage… are the essential means of a successful social communication. The choice of each subject or even of each word must be weighed with caution, and must strictly respect a code of ethics.

The issue is to learn how to enhance the value of an action, an initiative and reflect an innovative, civic, educational image…

Due to its expertise in social communication techniques and in content generation, the HL.COM team successfully manages and conveys the image and the key messages of its clients through the main social networks and the most influencing bloggers.

Customer cases

The placement of customer cases is often the most efficient way to introduce and grow the awareness of a brand, in particular in the business and technical titles.

The HL.COM has thirty years of experience in the writing and placement of customer cases in the French press.

Media training

Talking to the press or to an audience is not always simple: using the right words, knowing how to play with one’s hands, being clear, this is why we help our clients to take the floor in front of various audiences through short one day training courses, conducted by the best professionals.

By working on the gestures, the pronunciation, the speech construction, the staging, they are then able to gather their arguments, clearly express themselves and transmit their key messages in a determined time lapse.

Marketing actions

To complement and support its PR services, the agency carries out for its clients a full range of marketing actions, including:

  • The identification and organization of speaking opportunities in trade shows and conferences
  • The writing/localization and update of web sites
  • The management of industry analyst relations
  • The monitoring of surveys and reports
  • The organization of conferences and seminars
  • Advice on advert creation and the purchase of advertising space.

Press partnerships

Because our clients do not have always enough budget for an efficient advertising strategy, we offer product visibility in the press without any financial contribution in particular through prize competitions in consumer media. It always relies on barter exchange.