HLCOM history

HLCOM history

HLCOM was born from a passion, the one of its founder, Hervé Lobry, for the information technologies.

« 30 years ago, the IT industry was a bit like the far west, an ever expanding new world, with 3 digit growth rates, where everything was possible. Living the emergence of a new industry, and then the successive stages of its evolution is exciting, being at the same time the observer and one of the actors of this evolution is even more thrilling. In this adventure, communication is critical, and today as in the past, we are a transmission belt of it. »

The strength of the agency is to have remained committed over the years to its specialization, its IT universe.

Its pride is to have actively contributed since its inception to the acceleration of the growth of industry leaders, to the take-off of numerous startups, which have become since front line players in their domain.